Re: DM95

James Duffey

Steve - I think he is talking between Amarillo and Olathe. That is pretty long for Troposcatter.

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM

On Sep 13, 2019, at 10:32, Steve London <n2ic@...> wrote:

Why ? Are you saying that the only mechanism that could support a QSO is meteor scatter ?

Steve, N2IC

On 09/13/2019 10:20 AM, Ed wrote:
MSK 144 would work better for that distance with no other propagation to help. Just MHO
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I copied N5KS on 6M FT8 yesterday with good sigs -8 to -14. I am trying to work him for new 6M grid and sent him an email about looking this way and into Olathe during the contest this weeked. He is in Amarillo. N5EPA might have a good chance, possibly W7QQ.
Arne N7KA

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