Re: DM95


No just shorter requirement for a exchange. A  short ping on FT8 is useless but a contact can be made with msk with nothing but short pings. Takes a lot of time however


Ed N5jeh


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From: Steve London
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Why ? Are you saying that the only mechanism that could support a QSO is meteor

scatter ?



Steve, N2IC


On 09/13/2019 10:20 AM, Ed wrote:

> MSK  144 would work better for that distance with no other propagation to help.

> Just MHO


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> I copied N5KS on 6M FT8 yesterday with good sigs -8 to -14.  I am trying to work

> him for new 6M grid and sent him  an email about looking this way and into

> Olathe during the contest this weeked.   He is in Amarillo.  N5EPA might have a

> good chance, possibly W7QQ.


> Arne N7KA






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