KK6MC/r activity

James Duffey

WB2FKO and I will be roving in the September VHF Contest. Here are the details:

KK6MC/r itinerary ARRL Sept VHF Contest

Grid Time on Time out

September 14, 2019

DM64bw 1800Z 1930Z

In motion, through DM65 to DM55

DM55xh 2030Z 2200Z

In motion through DM55 (+ bit of DM54)

September 15, 2020

DM44ww 0000Z 0200Z 

Break for dinner, but we may operate later

Next day local, still Sept 15 local

DM44ww 1300Z 1500Z

We will dedicate this operating period to 6M MSK144

DM45wa 1515Z 1715Z

We will dedicate this operating period to 6M MSK144

DM45wa   1715Z 1800Z

We will dedicate this operating period to SSB & CW 

In motion through DM45 and DM46

DM46vc 2000Z 2130Z

In motion through DM46 and DM56

DM56ec 2230Z 0000Z

In motion through DM56, DM55, DM65 (+ a bit of DM64)

DM65 0300Z

end of contest, if we are early we will operate a bit here

Bands 6M, 2M, 222MHz, 432MHZ, 902MHZ, and 1296MHZ. SSB, CW, FT8, FT4, and MSK144

WB2FKO, whose home station is dismantled in preparation for a move, will be operating with me. While we are dedicating most of Sunday morning to MSK144 we will operate FT8 and FT4 when in the other grids. WSJT-X while roving is new to me, so I am still feeling my way around, but we plan on spending roughly the first half hour at a grid on SSB & CW, then the next half hour or so on FT8/FT4 and then what time remains at the end of the stay back on SSB and CW. If we get behind schedule we will try to leave on time, which may leave us short of operating time at a grid.

When we have cell access we will be on Slack and APRS. 

We should have good coverage into the Albuquerque area from these locations, as well as Phoenix and Tucson. We hope to catch some of the other rovers as rover to rover QSOs are always fun. 

As always, times may vary, and depending on what unknown issues arise, we may have to cut some of it short. Please understand.

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM

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