After Action Report (DM77,DM78,DM87,DM88)

Jonesy W3DHJ

Well, there wasn't all that much "action"...
The 2M Es early on Saturday afternoon was nice --
-- which caused some confusion in my paper logging
when the 2M Es covered some of the same grids I
was also working on 6M!!
I want to thank the regional ops that worked me, W0ETT,
WE7L, K0NR, K5ZG, WB0RRU, KI0TI, and exo-regional W9RM!
And, a special thanks to the other front range,
indomitable rover: George, AB0YM/r.
QSOs by Activated Grid:
Grid QSOs
DM77 13
DM78  4
DM87 16
DM88 25
Score Summary
Band   QSOs  Value  QSOPts  Mults
50       37      1      37     33
144      21      2      42     14
Totals:  58             79     47
Claimed Score:               3713

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