Keith Morehouse

Wow...what a difference a few hundred miles makes.  After seeing some comments stations not that far back east, I feel like I was in a different country for this contest.

This was, by far, the worst CQWW-VHF conditions I've seen since moving west.  Bad, as in poor 6M conditions, and bad, as in who else was working what, while I had nothing but marginal Es for short periods and difficult scatter conditions.  The DXmaps application flowed brightly with red lines of sporadic E east of the Mississippi River all weekend, with front range W0's coupling in on not only 6, but also strong 2M Es.

When 6M Es conditions did manifest themselves for short periods, it appeared most stations were on slow rate modes like FT8.  There were several periods when stations on SSB were very loud and commenting on how loud I was, but there were no decent runs to be had.  I can only assume everyone was on FT8 running 30-40/hour (if that...I actually made an attempt at running FT8 and am pretty sure it would be almost impossible to maintain that kind of rate for an hour straight).   FT4 appears a bit better, but that remains to be seen, as there were very few running that mode.  The bottom line is that high rate on 6 is becoming more and more difficult to attain.

Anyway, the results.

236Q  259 pts  140 grids => 36,260
6M Q's: 213
6M grids: 120
2M Q's: 23
2M grids: 20

6M - KW + 7el @ 65', 7el @ 45' & 5el fixed at 35'

2M - 600W + 5W/L antenna @ 50'


Keith Morehouse
via MotoG

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