Re: CQ WW VHF is this weekend!

Michael Daly

Where do you want us to spot? On NM VHF Chat page?

Mike, N5SJ


From: [] On Behalf Of James Duffey
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2019 7:51 PM
Subject: [nmvhf] CQ WW VHF is this weekend!


The CQ WW VHF Contest is this weekend: 



This is 6M and 2M only, so things are less hectic than the ARRL contests.  You can also submit a single band entry, that is a log entry for 6M only or, a log entry for 2M only, or a two band log entry. 


When you submit your log, please put NM VHF Society for the club. There are no territorial restrictions as in the VHF contests, so you can sub a log for the NMVHF society, no matter where you live. If you operate, no matter how much, please submit a log. We did very well last year in the club competition, finishing second in the nation and slightly ahead of our closest competition in the area, the Arizona Outlaws Contest club. They will be out to best us this year, I am sure. 


Please read the rules pertaining to assistance. It is different than the ARRL contests in that you cannot self spot and you cannot use nonamateur means to solicit a contact during the contest. This means no texting, phone calls or chat room. You may spot others though and please do as this will make it easier for everyone. 


Although we are on the down side of the Sporadic E season, there have been some 6M openings this week, so check the bands often. If the June contest is any indication, the digital modes will be used heavily. 

See you on the contest! - Duffey KK6MC


James Duffey KK6MC

Cedar Crest NM

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