New WSJTX release available

Keith Morehouse

So, it seems the brain surgeons responsible for WSJTX have released the new version of the program that includes FT4, less then one week before the CQWW-VHF contest.  This happened once before, with a major release right before one of the ARRL VHF tests which caused a widespread chaos of incompatibly.  FT4 is widely seen as a replacement for FT8 during contest conditions.

Since FT4 has been in beta before this, many have not used it.  I typically don't "do" beta software, so I don't even know what FT4 sounds like or what frequency to use it on.  Frankly, I think it's a tad irresponsible to do this.  Up until now, FT4 was 'locked out' over contest weekends.  I guess the people at CQ just don't have the following and I suspect this untimely release is going to mess up their contest.  You would have thought the WSJTX powers would have simply waited a week, released after CQWW-VHF and allowed people the time (7 weeks) to work out FT4 vs FT8 before the ARRL September VHF test.

Guess not - let the confusion begin !


Keith Morehouse
via MotoG

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