Re: KK6MC/r in June VHF contest



It's always best to log QSOs reported as dupes wherever a conflict is indicated.  Unlike some contests, there is no penalty for dupes in ARRL VHF contests. It is an unfortunate  certainty that one of the stations will miss the score when either station indicates there's a dupe. On the few occasions I've run into someone hard headed I simply say that I'll look into it, may I have your grid please so I can verify my findings.  I've never run into someone who does not provide that info even though he/she may fight over whether or not they'll "work you again". A second approach is to ask for the date/time at which they have you listed as a contact.  Most logging programs provide that info. Real dupes are not counted for score or a mult.

That said, always, ALWAYS log the latest contact, even if you find a log error. There's nothing to lose.

NMVHF Society has a subject matter expert covering contesting and logging (W9RM Keith) if you want to learn more about the intricacies.

73 Bill W7QQ

On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 5:58 PM John Klem <klemjf@...> wrote:
Perhaps the dupe fear is related to the apocalyptic warning that at least my logging software issues when I'm about to enter one?  Please tell me and perhaps a few other inexperienced contesters why we shouldn't worry.  I'm guessing dupes are ignored somewhere in the scoring process?  Are they properly ignored in the score my logging software generates?

John, AA5PR

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