Re: KK6MC/r in June VHF contest

Jonesy W3DHJ

On Tue, 18 Jun 2019, Bruce Draper wrote:

I wish I had a recording of this exchange in the June contest, 6-meter
phone. It was kinda funny, kinda irritating.

K9GX: CQ contest CQ contest this is K 9 Germany X-ray (I think that was the
Me: Alpha alpha five bravo.
Him: AA5B you’re a dupe.
Me: You’re not in my log.
Him: I can’t work you. CQ contest k 9 Germany xray.
Me: You’re not in my log, can we please work? delta mike 65
Him: AA5B you’re a dupe and I can’t work you.
Me: You’re going to send in a log with me in it, I’m going to send in a log
without you in it, and you’re going to be penalized. Can’t we just work now?
Him: I’m not going to argue with you, and I’m not going to work you. Cq cq
cq contest...

All of that took at least 5 times longer that it would’ve to just work me.

VHF is hard, I guess.
Then there's the problem rovers have (usually on 6M) when working
someone new to VHF contesting and using a non-VHF logging program.

"You are a dupe"
"No, I am not. I am in new grid."
"Oh, does that make a difference?"

The Q-rate is queered for awhile.

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