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Start a grid behind KK6MC/R in January and I guarantee you will work several on 1296 from the AZ crew!
I need a bumper sticker:    "We 'heart' rovers"

- Jay N1AV

On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 8:53 PM Scott K5TA <k5ta@...> wrote:

After a few years “roving” from county to county in the NMQP, I decided it would be cool to try real VHF roving.  I almost made it, but time ran out before I was able to fashion a vehicle infrastructure suitable for the antennas I have.  So, for last weekend, I set up a “rover simulator” on my east yard, (in world’s worst VHF QTH, along the river bottom buried in the cottonwoods).  


Everything worked perfectly, and my new IC-9700 really performed well.  I was chicken, however, so whenever I transmitted, I disconnected all the antennas for the *other* bands.  Not that it really affected my score, since the activity on 144 and 432 was pretty thin.  Didn’t really need to rx on main and sub receivers simultaneously.  Never managed to find a single Q on 1296. 


Not a serious or full-time effort in any way – mainly a “teaching moment” – self-education.


Nice to work Duffey at all of his stops (but not exactly all band/stops).


Onward and upward for future events.


-Scott K5TA




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