Re: N2IC VHF Contest

James Duffey

Sunday morning, when I was in DM54 on Highway 117, I pointed the beams your way and called several times. Then, when I was returning from there, a convoy of Forest Service/Hot Shot vehicles passed me and I wondered if you had gotten called out. Hope Field Day and CQ WW VHF will be better. - Duffey

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM

On Jun 11, 2019, at 18:42, Steve London <n2ic@...> wrote:

Well, I thought this year would be different.

I am an emergency employee of the US forest service, doing comms work on big forest fires, as needed.

Up until last weekend, it has been a very quiet fire season. Guess what changed around 4 PM on Saturday ? I have been working in Catron county since early Sunday AM.

Don't have my very limited log with me. Made some 6 meter FT8. A few 2 meter SSB. Working W7QQ was a pretty good haul from DM52XT.

Maybe the CQ VHF contest will work.

Steve, N2IC

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