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RR TU Bob.  Let's not forget Mark N0IO who made two beautiful 78 GHz tranceiving stations.  Stunning aerospace quality design and workmanship. Mark is from Colorado but is one of us at NMVHFS, along with three of his immediate family. Tony has done a nice job bringing this activity to a broad audience. Mark is the NMVHFS subject matter expert for all things microwave.

Let me also note, for those interested in microwave ops and gear that Phoenix, just next door, has a vibrant microwave community.  Many of them are very excited that there is a seed of microwave activity here in New Mexico.  We have 5 stations on 10 GHz and two on 24 GHz and there are more stations under assembly.  There is some donated gear available for anyone in the society. There's enough to seriously knock down the cost and complexity of getting started.  So, if you're one of those whose bucket list includes microwave let someone know you're interested: Myself, Arne N7KA, Duffey KK6MC, Bob K5WO or Art KC5EFM.

Thanks Again Bob es 73
Bill W7QQ

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 6:22 PM Bob Kmak <bobkmak@...> wrote:

Last March Bill W7QQ wrote about his 76GHz adventures in AZ with mw luminaries W5LUA and VE4MA. Tony W8ZR has an article in the 2nd Quarter 2019 issue of DUBUS detailing the same operating activity. Picture of Bill on White Tanks mountain included.


Congrats Bill !!




Bob K5WO

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