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At some point when you and I are in the same place at the same time, remind me to tell you the story from the 2019 June VHF contest where I was listening to you and Bill on 222.1 MHz chatting away.. S9 on my meter. 
It was so loud I thought it was locals off the back of my antenna "in the way" of me being able to hear you all.. until Bill signed with his call.

Only some 350 ish miles away over some serious mountains.   ;-)

Nice to work many of you there in NM, and the a new goal to pick up the rest in Sept going forward.    The NMchat page was helpful - minus the odd "logout" that was happening often.

 - Jay N1AV
DM43ff 50MHz - 10GHz (minus 3 GHz)

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 2:04 PM Mike WB2FKO <mph@...> wrote:
No, did not get RHR during the contest.  I heard you talking to him at
some point, but he was gone or inaudible by the time I had the beams
pointed north. Only a wire 250 mW on 1296; pretty incredible.

Nice to get K5LA in DM61 on both 2 and 222.  We were both QRP for the
latter with big mountains in the way, but piece of cake with FT8.

Worked W7D/R in DN10/11 and DN20/21 using meteor scatter on 6 and 2.
That's 2 new ones on 6m and another 4 grids for me on 2m; surprised how
quickly it went on 2m but really shouldn't be. Those guys drove halfway
across the country to activate some rare grids and brought plenty of
horsepower to make sure it was worth the effort. See attached photo from
their Twitter feed.  They are even doing mobile MS on 6m and I worked
them that way in DN81 on Friday morning before going to work. VHF grid
chasers should be aware that they will be setting up in many rare and
semi-rare grids on their way back to Iowa this week.

On 6/10/19 2:29 PM, Bill wrote:
> Well done Mike,
> I finished with 229 Q points and 105 grids for 24,045 total.
> I had a good time and didn't take it too seriously.  It was a good
> opportunity to learn MSK144 and FT8 as I had nobody else around to do
> it.  Reflecting what Keith W9RM had to say and my experience with you,
> I may have some disconnects in my log:  I set the logbook reminder in
> WSJT  and logged a QSO anytime that popped up.  Some times that
> happened before completing the loaded messages, so I am confused as to
> what it takes to complete on FT8.  No problems on MSK144.  I didn't
> use any spotting service on digi; Ping Jockey or other and that gave
> me some periods when I saw you and others working when nobody answered
> my CQ.
> I was not able to get WSJT-x and N1MM to quit fighting over the radio
> interface so it was pretty uncomfortable to bail out of a  digi run to
> finish logging in N1MM.  Also did not have the 6 and 144+ computers
> networked and that became pretty cumbersome as well.  My fault.
> I put up a 432 yagi on a 20 foot pole because Keith wanted a Q but it
> was far more useful than that. I worked 5 stations in Phoenix as well
> as Keith on 432 and used it for contacts with Duffey as well.  Longest
> was K7KMR west of Phoenix at 400.3 miles, CW with 50 watts on both
> ends.  I'll send a note for the web site posting for that one.  Worked
> all those guys on 222 and 144 as well.
> The new Elecraft amplifier was used on 6 meters and I ran it at about
> half power on digi modes.  That power setting was used to keep the
> temperatures down and avoid the high fan setting. It's a great legal
> limit phone amplifier but not up to the task on digi modes for 6
> meters.  It'll probably be OK on HF.
> I worked four rovers, the ones you mentioned as well as WA6BJH/r. 
> Good to see that many in NM.  There was another briefly in the NW
> corner but I wasn't able to hear him.
> Good to hear K5RHR on.  Did you work him?  He asked to work on 1296 so
> I had a wire antenna and placed it just outside. We worked on 1/4 watt.
> All in all, pretty fun.
> 73 Bill W7QQ

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