Re: Icom 9700?

Scott K5TA

I have one.  It’s only been here for 3 days, so I’m in no position to comment with authority.  I’ve not had any exposure to the modern Icom line, (My old ‘706 is still in service, but bears little resemblance to the new stuff) so my experience with the ‘9700 so far is limited to climbing the learning curve regarding basic operations.  Also, my only antenna  at the moment is a 2m vertical on the roof, so that’s another limitation. 

Leaving the frequency coverage aside, I really like the look and feel. Maybe in another week I’ll know how to operate it competently. 

There are some who have raised objections about frequency drift and lack of 9600-baud packet capability — read the 1-star review on DX Engineering’s site. 

I am thinking seriously about doing some roving in VHF contests, and I really enjoy satellite operation, so I’m not too worried about those issues.

I got mine from GigaParts for $1,899 after a $200 AMSAT discount code.  I contacted DX Engineering to see whether they would match the price, but they blew me off.   Not a good business practice. 

To be continued....


On May 15, 2019, at 6:19 PM, Alden Oyer <atoyer@...> wrote:

Hi Bruce and all,

I’m at Hamvention and plan on purchasing a 9700 if I can find a good deal. If not, I’ll order it when I return home. Rumor is that it’s a good performer, but I haven’t discussed it’s performance with someone who has one. I’m attracted to the direct sampling receiver. 

I suspect it lacks 6 meters because that band is standard on HF rigs (IC-7300) these days. It’s marketing, not technical. 

By the way, Elecraft is rumored to be making a significant new product announcement this weekend (no further information). If true, I suspect information will be up on the website too.

Alden, AG5S 

On May 15, 2019, at 20:05, Bruce Draper <bruceaa5b@...> wrote:

With Dayton discounts sure to come in the next day or two, I’ve been wondering about the IC9700. In its short life, has it had a good reputation among the VHF/UHF gang? 

I’m curious about something else... is there a good technical reason it doesn’t cover the 6-meter band?

   -Bruce AA5B


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