Re: Icom 9700?

Alden Oyer

Hi Bruce and all,

I’m at Hamvention and plan on purchasing a 9700 if I can find a good deal. If not, I’ll order it when I return home. Rumor is that it’s a good performer, but I haven’t discussed it’s performance with someone who has one. I’m attracted to the direct sampling receiver. 

I suspect it lacks 6 meters because that band is standard on HF rigs (IC-7300) these days. It’s marketing, not technical. 

By the way, Elecraft is rumored to be making a significant new product announcement this weekend (no further information). If true, I suspect information will be up on the website too.

Alden, AG5S 

On May 15, 2019, at 20:05, Bruce Draper <bruceaa5b@...> wrote:

With Dayton discounts sure to come in the next day or two, I’ve been wondering about the IC9700. In its short life, has it had a good reputation among the VHF/UHF gang? 

I’m curious about something else... is there a good technical reason it doesn’t cover the 6-meter band?

   -Bruce AA5B


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