Question: foliage, vhf

Bruce Draper

I put up my 6-mtr yagi antenna this morning, but now I’m thinking about moving it. It’s on a tripod on my roof, about 30 feet off the ground (good) but only 15 feet from and directly pointed into dense cottonwood trees (bad?). I don’t think it matters much on HF, but I’m guessing that it’s not great on 6 meters (and much worse on UHF). There are a couple other places on the flat roof where I could put it, but the best one is directly above the radio room and I bet there will be RFI problems on both RX and TX. 

My question to you VHF experts: Is the absorption on 50 MHz by trees bad enough to make me want to move the antenna? 

   -Bruce AA5B

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