Re: weekend

Bruce Draper

Seems like several of you were doing a fair amount of listening, but maybe no one was transmitting?
That's not a good way to make QSOs  😀

Back to the contest... Are any of you going to submit a log for the contest? Is there anyone who needs help getting it in the right format?

    -Bruce AA5B

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 3:38 PM <lewisre@...> wrote:

Hi Bruce, I listened on 7250, 50.125, and 144.2 and did not hear any station.  Either my receivers have problems or no one was transmitting.  ???


On 2019-04-14 19:28, Bruce Draper wrote:

Did any of you try the NM QSO Party this weekend? Was there any activity at all on 6 meters? Did you dip into the HF waters?

     -Bruce AA5B


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