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To All,,
Report from ARIZONA...
I was able to catch Duffy/Jim in two counties early in the contest on 40,, but as day progressed, 40 got to long for me so could not find them .. I was able to work 13 counties between 40 and 80,,
I did try some CQ,s on 6 on .130 and some cq,s on ft8 looking for NM stations,, nothing heard..but did NOT put a lot of effort,,on 6..
Thanks to all that worked me..

On 2019-04-15 00:31, redarlington wrote:
I called a few times on 6 (ssb) but never heard anything so I dipped
back down to 20 and 40 and made a few Q's. Georgia QSO party was on
in full force. I even heard one other guy in Los Alamos (2 blocks
from me). But family obligations prevented me from spending more
than about 20 minutes on the radio all weekend.
-Bob N3XKB
On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 7:28 PM Bruce Draper <>

Did any of you try the NM QSO Party this weekend? Was there any
activity at all on 6 meters? Did you dip into the HF waters?
-Bruce AA5B

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