AA5B in NMQP, and call to action!

Bruce Draper

I'll probably be operating at home, but I'm still toying with the idea of driving west to activate San Juan, Catron, and other rare-ish counties.

I'd love to see NMVHFS make an effort to win this contest, and I think it's very doable. K5TA, K5WO, KK6MC, and I will be active in the contest and we're willing to submit our logs for the club score, but the rest of you need to do your part. There are NMVHFS members in more than a dozen NM counties. You guys need to get on and make some QSOs! It would be great if you could do it on the HF bands (most of the activity is on 20 and 40 meters), but making QSOs on 6 meters counts, too. Keep a log (including time, band, and mode for each QSO), and we can help you submit an official entry later if you need help. The exchange for those of us in NM is name and county, and the folks outside of NM will send name and state (or Canadian province or DX country). The contest runs from 8 AM till 8 PM in NM.

More information is here:

    Bruce AA5B

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