Re: I fixed my APRS

Doug Gilliam

Hi Duffy,

Glad to hear that.  Along with the new antenna stack, I am replacing the rotor with a Ham IV and a fully programmable controller, the DCU-3.  With software I will be able to enter your 6 digit grid square to rotate quickly to your azimuth. The APRS data will sure help.  I just received a 300W cell amp that I need to setup for 902. I also got a DEMI lna kit and 17el M2 beam.  Hopefully will be QRV on 902 by June.  The 222 and up stack replacement awaits assembly of all the yagis and for my wrist to heal a bit more,  but I expect that it will be up by early May. 

The biggest improvements for this contest will be a pair of 11WL 432 beams with anticipated 20 dbd gain, (lna at the power divider), and a 22 el/28ft boom 222 K1FO with mast mount lna.  With any luck I will also have the IC-9700 by then. DX Engineering has an estimated ship date of 5/29. Not gonna hold my breath.

I should be fully retired in about 2 weeks after 39 years of practicing dentistry.  Looking forward to becoming a full time grandpa/ham/landscaper/carpenter, etc.  Not sure if I will grow a ponytail and beard...

73s Doug WA7XX

From: <> on behalf of James Duffey <JamesDuffey@...>
Sent: Friday, March 1, 2019 6:09 PM
Subject: [nmvhf] I fixed my APRS
For those of you who missed my APRS spots in the January contest, I have found the problem and fixed it. I was accessing the APRS internet gateway on the wrong port. Thanks to Jim, KC7QY for pointing this out in the contest. Finding the problem was not easy, but trivial in the end. I am seriously thinking of going to an RF tracker. 

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM

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