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Fortunately there is no limit on EIRP, more elements in the air can work wonders. I have made to path through the mountains from Socorro to El Paso (250km+/-) on 432 cw with my 50w, an old piece of RG8X and 6el @ 15'. Perseverance and dumb luck can work wonders.

From Gallup Mike should be in good shape to work stations on high ground all the way to Phoenix at least. Probably more available stations than NM and CO combined.


On Thursday, January 24, 2019, 2:32:55 PM MST, Keith Morehouse <w9rm@...> wrote:

Yep - I did forget that AND the lack of 900 is the south end of the state...


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Keith,. Have to remember that we are in New Mexico and have to live with power restrictions. Legal limit on 70cm is 50w.


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Mike, if you're thinking about adding bands, with how strong you are on 2M, I'm sure we could work on 432 easily (depending on your power out - I have a KW) and probably on 900 and possibly on 1296.  If I recall correctly, you are louder on 2 then W7QQ, given equivalent power and I can work him on 432.  I think we have a better geographic path between us then I do to Santa Fe.

Of course, I need to put the other antennas back up, but the equipment is here, including the high power - KW on 432 & 900 and 150W on 1296.


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On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 10:20 AM Michael Daly <arrowengineering1@...> wrote:
How much of your score was attributable to operating on the frequencies
above 432?
Mike, n5sj

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On Wed, 23 Jan 2019, James Duffey wrote:

>It was a good rove, enhanced quite a bit by the heavy SOTA and rover
>activity in AZ. This is my highest ever score in a January contest by a
>lot, and much higher than I would expect without Es, of which I heard


Your VHF Rover outings are simply mind boggling!
The effort you put into planning, preparations, and the scale of each trek
leave me almost speechless.

Good on You, Mate!!
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