Re: KK6MC/r in September VHF contest

Jonesy W3DHJ

On Mon, 11 Sep 2017, James Duffey wrote:

On the way to a high ridge on a very rough and bumpy road, my mast
support broke and sent my antennas crashing to the road, which was rock
OUCH!! I'll bet that brought tears to your eyes!

My "Murphy Moment" came when I let the solar panels slip and fall back
down on the roof rack as I was adjusting the prop for the lower angle of
the late afternoon sun. It cracked the underside glass on one of the
panels. But checking just now with a VOM, it appears all three panels
still show the same open circuit volts, and the same short circuit amps.

The panels must be overlaid by some plastic film -- at least on the
underside, because a finger nail test does not detect the cracks.
However, I think some overlaying by strips of Gorilla Tape (tm) is
called for (since, contrary to Murphy, the cracking is on the _underside_.)
Just for the helluvit, I'll do the other two panels, as well.

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