Re: AA5PR/R this weekend

AE5B John

Hello John,

I will be parked on 6 meters hoping the FT8 Gods are kind tomorrow. DM85 and DM76 are two of the last few that I need for FFMA.

Need 10 more for the NM VHF Grid Award so that is a long time off but a DM85 qso would make for a great weekend.

Look East young men, look EM02 :-)

John  AE5B EM02

On 1/18/2019 9:08 PM, John Klem wrote:
My plan for this weekend:
Saturday (NM time): DM85GX
Sunday: DM86JP
I have 6 m (100 W, Moxon), 2 m (80 W, 6-element yagi), 70 cm (5 W, 11-element yagi).
SSB, CW, FT8, MSK144, FM.  I'd be happy to try just about anything.
Feel free to call or text me at 505-373-4671.
John, AA5PR

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