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I did get confused with the more generous CQ WW club competition rules that expand the club territory, such as what applied in the July 2018 CW WW VHF Contest.

Thanks for the clarifications.

73, Bob N5EPA

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I should have said that the criteria we use is rule

James Duffey KK6MC
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Clubs can decide which criteria they want to use. The center of the circle is at the discretion of the club, and can be changed. It all comes down to "who gets included, and who gets left out based on where the center is located".

Steve, N2IC

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For contest purposes, do we not define our club territory (and report to ARRL) as a circle from a designated center and not by ARRL Section?
Thanks, Bob N5EPA
8.4.2. *Medium*
1. Club submits 50 or fewer entries and does not qualify under the
local club criteria.
2. One station can submit two entries--one on CW and one on Phone in
the November Sweepstakes and the DX Contest.
3. The club territory is either defined by:
1. A 175-mile (282-kilometer) circle from a designated center; or;
2. An ARRL-section.
4. All stations must be located and all operators must reside within
the designated club territory.
5. All eligible members must be "members in good standing" according
to the rules and requirements of the club.
6. Eligible members that operate stations outside the club territory
may not compete in the club competition, except as provided in rule 8.6.

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