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Michael Daly

Hello all.
We will be QRV from Gallup, NM, DM 55 pm during the contest. 2 Meters has twin 12 element beams at 60' and 100 watts. 432 has 12 elements and for six meters only a dipole. Email or text for contacts - we will try to oblige.
Mike, n5sj
505 870 3430

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Two NMVHF rovers finished 2nd (W3DHJ) and 4th (KK6MC) overall. They even beat K2EZ's 15-grid effort on the east coast where so much contest activity occurs. It took a zero-sleep, 10-grid marathon by AC0RA/KG5CCI to break the CQ-VHF rover record and claim the top spot.

On 1/16/19 3:33 PM, Jonesy W3DHJ via Groups.Io wrote:
I just noticed that my 28,014 points moved the NMVHFS from what
would've been 4th place up to 2nd place!
Little Ol' me -- old school!

Happy New Year to you all!!

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