Re: N0KE September ARRL VHF Contest

James Duffey

Wow Keith, good score!

Thanks for the QSOes on Saturday, I think the humidity in the air helped a lot. 300 mile+ QSOes are difficult from non-elevated locations, so I appreciated the efforts on your end. 

Sorry about having to abort my rover trip early, it would have been nice to see if we could work from DM63 and DM73. - Duffey KK6MC

James Duffey
Cedar Crest, NM

On Sep 11, 2017, at 8:13 AM, Keith Morehouse <w9rm@...> wrote:

I'm not usually into long messages about my results, but as a courtesy to those who were on locally (and to talk up VHF contesting ) I'll give a quick overview :)

With only one tower up right now, with 6 & 2, I don't get too excited about VHF contests where there is little to no chance of sporadic E propagation on 6M.  But, I do try to get on the bands I have to help others in the region.  I'm pretty much the only opportunity anyone is going to have to work the DM58 multiplier above 6M (and usually on 6M also).  This time, my goal was working a bit of meteor scatter Sunday morning (I really like meteor scatter on 2 and 222, even now with the relatively easy WSJT mode, MSK144), maybe logging a new grid or two on 2M and chasing KK6MC/R who was doing a loop east and south of ABQ.  I figured I'd also be able to help out AB0YM/R, W3DHJ/r and others a little.

Things went pretty much as I expected.  I was able to work KK6MC/R on 2M from all four of his stops Saturday (DM64/74/65/75) and from two of four on 6M, including a all-time new 6M grid (DM74). I also worked W3DHJ/R from two or three stops, including one very strong 6M QSO from, I think, DM88 and a pair of 2M QSOs with AB0YM/R.  At the start of the contest, I heard George/YM almost S9 on 2M and called and called with no response.  Since I was probably running 3X his power, I was concerned he had a receive problem on 2M and made an effort with another front-range guy to relay my concern.  That didn't work too well so I emailed him.  He later replied that the location in question had S9 power line noise.  Oh.....

The number of people on PingJockey (the on-line chat site for VHF meteor-scatter) was surprising.  The two summer contests had seen a decline in activity but September was way up.  I guess the lack of decent 6M prop attract users to meteor scatter.  I made a large handful of QSOs on 6M Saturday afternoon, a time you usually don't bother.  Meteors are more prevalent in the morning hours and die off as the day goes on, starting to rise again after midnight local.  There were enough users on PJ that it made it worthwhile to try.  I also had a relatively easy and successful run with multi-op K5QE (EM31) on 2M at 3PM local time.  I wouldn't have even tried then, but they were going to be concentrating on EME all night and into Sunday morning, so it was my only chance to give Marshall the multiplier.  On Sunday, I started meteor-scatter ops at 1100Z, working a good number of 6 & 2M QSO's, including a pretty easy 1200 mile shot to KU8Y in EN61 on 2M.  Meteor conditions were average to maybe slightly above average.  Most runs attempted put a QSO into the log.

There was no other propagation noticed on 6M.  The vaunted and highly hyped FT8 mode on 6M was a non-starter.  There was NO sporadic-E and no amount of digi horsepower and black-magic algorithms was going to change that fact.  I did listen to the official FT8 6M frequency a couple of time and heard only meteor pings.  I had to laugh to myself, thinking that these guys could be making QSOs using meteor-scatter modes instead of spinning their electric meters for no reason.  Note to all readers - FT8 is a great mode when conditions are RIGHT for it, but don't be fooled into thinking it's the ONLY 6M mode.  When the band is open, you can still run contest stations 5X faster on SSB.

I turned everything off a little past noon on Sunday after I heard KK6MC/R was aborting the rest of his trip, ending the log with another W3DHJ/R and AB0YM/R QSO on 2M.

W9RM score as submitted:

50 MHz:    52 QSOs x 43 mults
144 MHz:  33 QSOs x 25 mults

Final:         85 QSOs x 68 mults => 5,780 pts

Club submission: GMCC


Keith J Morehouse
Managing Partner
Calmesa Partners G.P.
Olathe, CO

On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 7:41 AM, Phil Krichbaum <vailphil@...> wrote:
Well there was a minor spurt of activity on the western slope to break in the completion's of K0AMA's tower in Rifle with a 3 el Stepper IR and yagis for 432 and 2m. Also Rick, KB0AHR a few blocks away was finally able to make a  222 QSO with his newly finished xverter to N0KE and 1.2 GHz is his next project. I heard Jeremy on 6m MSK144 at the tail end but we'd already worked on 6m so he is good to go next time! A couple of us found Prentice on from El Jebel on 6m and 2m with a vertical and W9RM from DM58 west of Delta. I only made 3 digital QSOs and all on 6m, 2 to CA and one to NM and was late to that party as meteor scatter was pretty decent earlier Sunday AM on 6m and 2m.My best DX on 2m was two front range rovers, AB0YM/R in DM78 and W3DHJ/R in DM87 who called while I was  calling AB0YM./R
73 Phil N0KE DM69em

Final tally at N0KE:
50 MHz    9 QSOs in 6 grids
144 MHz  7 QSOs in 4 grids
222 MHz  4 QSOs in  1 grid
432 MHz  3 QSOs in  1 grid
Final        23 QSOs  12 grid mults x 30 QSO points= 360 points

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