KK6MC/r in September VHF contest

James Duffey

Here are the KK6MC/r results for the September contest.

Class: Limited Rover LP
Operating Time (hrs): 6.5

Band QSOs Mults
6: 24 5
2: 29 7
222: 5 1
432: 22 6
Total: 80 19 Total Score = 2,461

Club: New Mexico VHF Society


I had a good contest on Saturday. Sunday not so much. Saturday I went out to the
Moriarty convergence, DM64/65/74/75 and worked the four grids there until early
evening. There was a fair amount of local activity for September and conditions were good
enough to complete QSOes with W9RM at 300 miles on 2M from all the grids and 6M
in 2 grids. WB5CST/r from OK who is visiting Albuquerque came out to the convergence and was on for a while to give
me some QSOes from adjacent grids where activity was lacking.

Early Sunday I drove down to Socorro and DM64. I picked up a few new QSOes that
I hadn’t worked the day before in DM64 and two new mults with N5SJ. I then headed east to
DM63. On the way to a high ridge on a very rough and bumpy road, my mast
support broke and sent my antennas crashing to the road, which was rock there.

The antenna mast is tied to the roof rack of the Subaru with a wooden 2x2. The mast with the antennas was rswaying back and forth and eventually split the 2x2 and the mast fell backwards and all the antennas came smashing down on the road. The 6M antenna is OK, the 2M antenna has a badly bent driven element and a couple of bent elements. The bent elements can be straightened; I already have straightened them a bit. The 222MHz antenna had a couple of bent elements and a bent driven element, but the driven element is not bent badly and I straightened that. The 432 MHz antenna has a few bent elements, but they can be straightened.

Like all disasters there were several mistakes made:

1. I probably should not have been on that road.

2. There is a retaining pin on the mast which prevents it from folding over. That pin would have kept the mast from folding over even if the 2x2 had split. The pin was missing, I am not sure if I didn’t replace it when I folded the mast over to install the antennas or if I didn’t put the retainer clip in place to keep it from falling apart.

3. Wood was probably not the best choice for the support.

I removed the antennas from the mast and put them and the mast on the roof for the trip home. Some rebuilding needs to be done for the January contest.

Little major damage, but without the support I could not continue the contest,
so I disassembled everything and drove home, stopping in Socorro for lunch and
a beer with KC7QY.

I hope others had a better time of it. - Duffey KK6MC/r

James Duffey
Cedar Crest, NM

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