Re: 6m Es Last Evening #vhf

Dave Moore <n7rf@...>

My oldest son, who is a software engineer, gave me a Raspberry Pi-3 for Christmas.  He helped set it up with the Debian O/S.  I managed to download the right flavor of WSJT-X and got a Signal Link USB audio codec to talk to it yesterday.  Made 3 FT8 QSOs to check it out.  It works flawlessly.  The only downside is the inabaility to pass QSO data to my logbook, for which I use Ham Radio Deluxe on a laptop.  But once I get another Signal Link and a 2nd monitor, I can use a second radio to monitor other bands or modes.  Can also be used as a band-hopping WSPR net node.  Very cool little device.

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