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When you refer to running two screens, does that mean you're also running two computers; each running WSJT-X and each monitoring several JT modes? OR do you run two different WSJT instances on one machine; each on a different mode?  If you do all that on one machine, what's the limit on number of instances?  Could you run eight with a Flex 6700 for instance?

Nice you're picking up DX from VK and nearby parts.  You're becoming a regular!

73 Bill W7QQ

On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 11:12 AM Ed <n5jeh@...> wrote:

Hi Mike. Glad you got in for some of it. VK4MA says the JT65 thing is because that’s what they have been using to work the SA stations around this time of the year. I guess the SA stations still hang on to JT65 modes. But it was nice to see some on FT8 . Hope everyone gets on the same page soon. I still run 2 screens all the time. Monitor 2 freq’s at the same time. Glad to see some ES activity this winter finally




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I caught the tail end of the opening and worked a couple of new Hawaii stations on FT8.  pskreporter showed many VK stations using FT8, so I never bothered checking JT65. Guess that was a mistake, although by the time I was operating the propagation was not being sustained long enough (> 4 minutes) required to complete on JT65. 


Seems odd that many of the VKs are so committed to JT65 for 6m DX. The 3 dB advantage it has on FT8 is significant, but unclear if it's worth the time tradeoff when the Es path can disappear, reappear, and disappear so quickly. Mike DM65rc


On 1/3/19 9:10 AM, Ed wrote:

Hello Dave. Saw people calling you yesterday. Good on the Winter Es yesterday. Almost as much fun as the Summer Es. Good on VK4MA.  Only VK worked here was VK4HL. I was heard by several VK4's, VK3's and a VK5.

Also heard by 3D2AG. All on JT65A. Form some reasons most VK’s are still hanging on to the JT65 mode. Have to keep two screens up and active now. More fun. Good DX this 2019 year.


Ed N5JEH dm65rd


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From: Dave Moore
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Subject: [nmvhf] 6m Es Last Evening #vhf


6m and 10m, coast to coast, on Wednesday evening.  From here in south-central Texas, I worked AI5I and K9VSW in NM.  For a short while, 6m was also open from the western US to Australia!  VK4MA cold-called me on 6m FT8 after I completed a QSO with Arizona.  I wasn't even using my 6m yagi at the time, rather a 40-6m OCF dipole.

So, why am I on the NMVHF group from Texas?  I lived in Santa Fe and Albuquerque for 7 years and I go back up there semi frequently.  Was there for the CSVHF conference and VLA tour in 2016.  Green chile keeps calling me back.

B. David Moore, N7RF
Boerne, TX
Active on 50, 144, and 432.  Set up for meteor scatter on 50/144.




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