6m Es Last Evening #vhf

Dave Moore

6m and 10m, coast to coast, on Wednesday evening.  From here in south-central Texas, I worked AI5I and K9VSW in NM.  For a short while, 6m was also open from the western US to Australia!  VK4MA cold-called me on 6m FT8 after I completed a QSO with Arizona.  I wasn't even using my 6m yagi at the time, rather a 40-6m OCF dipole.

So, why am I on the NMVHF group from Texas?  I lived in Santa Fe and Albuquerque for 7 years and I go back up there semi frequently.  Was there for the CSVHF conference and VLA tour in 2016.  Green chile keeps calling me back.

B. David Moore, N7RF
Boerne, TX
Active on 50, 144, and 432.  Set up for meteor scatter on 50/144.

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