Re: 6M sporadic E


I saw the notice a bit late but did get on just before 0200. Heard a couple of regulars from the southeast chatting on .130. Worked one station calling on .125 SSB (EM52)and then tried a CW CQ on .098. Got a reply there (EM57) but the band faded just just after we exchanged grids. Could still hear the guys on .130 but very weak by then. 


On Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 9:50:32 AM MST, n5epa.bob@... <n5epa.bob@...> wrote:

I worked 10 stations on 6m SSB from 0055z to 0137z. There was a few more operators heard on 50.125 but I made no effort to work them there. Path rather broad from MS in the south to WI in the north. Not sure if the band opening continued as I shut down for a phone call and then the hungries.

73, Bob N5EPA

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