Re: 6M sporadic E

Keith Morehouse

I had my band-monitoring SDR up on the 2nd computer screen and was tipped off by the big bunch of beacons.  I saw a couple of guys on FT8, all running version 1.9 or earlier, so I don't know who they were.  I've been doing MSK144 meteor scatter so I have V2RC5 running.  I also saw a few guys on SSB, but nobody CQing.  It doesn't appear anybody is really watching the prop indicators this time of year.

The CW window, which technically is still there, is usually empty unless it's a contest weekend or the opening is so good, the QRM level above .125 is bad.  With FT8 on the scene, who knows if the QRM level will ever be high again ;)

The opening started a little before 2300Z and was still going, by the looks of the beacons, at 2340Z when I went for dinner.  We are entering the secondary Es season, so there should be increasing activity.  Be aware that this is also the PRIMARY Es season south of the equator and it's not unknown to get good enough sporadic E up here in the northern hemisphere that we can link into the south Pacific or VK/ZL regions on 6.  With low sunspot counts, the likelihood of this (TEP) is lower, but it has happened.  VK/ZL was working trans-Pacific on 6 last evening, into South America (south of the equator).


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