2nd VHF Super Confernece: Call for Papers/Presentations #vhf #uhf #antenna

Robin Midgett <K4IDC@...>

Call for Papers and Presentations for the second Super VHF Conference, April 26-28, 2019, in Sterling, VA, near Washington, DC.  

The the second Super VHF Conference is jointly sponsored by Packrats, NEWS Group, and SVHFS, and Hosted by the Grid Pirates Contest Group and Directive Systems and Engineering

details at http://vhfsuperconference.com/

Presentations or papers are welcome on VHF, UHF, microwaves, and higher.  All aspects welcome, technical and non-technical - operating, contesting, homebrewing, roving, software, EME, surplus, antennas, test equipment, amplifiers, SDR, 47 GHz superregen, whatever.  Your winter project might be a good candidate - take some pictures.

N2CEI and W1GHZ will be coordinating the proceedings book and CD.

submissions and questions to:


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