Re: Ukrainian 222 Transverter Progress

James Duffey

Jon - I have a couple of 20W 222MHz amps that I am not using. You are welcome to one if you want it. They are RF Concepts amps, RF actuated, so they should work fine with little work. They don’t have the preamps as they were used for repeater links, but the Transverters Store transverter should have plenty of sensitivity without it. Let me know if you want it and can make arrangements to get it to you this week before the contest. - Duffey KK6MC

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM

On Aug 31, 2018, at 20:36, Jonathan Fox <w0amt@...> wrote:

I finished the 222 transverter kit this past week and did some initial setup. Per the article on the NMVHF website by W7QQ and KK6MC I checked the gate bias and found it at 2.5 volts. I adjusted it up to 3.1. I did not have an opportunity to get an on-air report of the IMD improvement.

This past Wednesday I was able to make contact with NK5W on 222.110. However, I had some frequency stability issues. At first I was low by 2 MHz, after transmitting a few times I found I was  5 Mhz high. After ending the qso I went back to the assembly instructions and found that I had missed a detail. There are two mounting holes on the transverter board in addition to the mounting hole for the MOSFET. The instructions say to only use the #1 hole as using the #2 hole can cause oscillations. I missed that the first time. I am still using the #2 hole. I insulated the PC board from the metal mounting screw with a nylon washer.

I am hoping this change will improve my frequency stability issues. If not I will remove it completely and see what that does.

The WA5VJB 4 element cheap yagi I built for an antenna worked great for the QSO I had.

Is anyone available for a 222 qso this weekend? I would like to do another on-air check of the transverter. 

73, Jon

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