Re: coax question


Thanks for all the responses, both on and off the list.  Here is a summary of the advice I have received:

* Only use the ultraflex cable for the portion of the feedline that is out of the sun
* Use 1/2 inch superflex aka Andrews FSJ4-50B heliax
* Use RG-213
* Use LMR-400 UF obtained from a reputable source like Times Microwave (I'm not sure where the various suppliers I have used get their feedline; perhaps it is China)
* Do not trust crimped-on connectors; make sure they are soldered

Bill's comment about crimping was clairvoyant.  As I did further troubleshooting over the weekend, I discovered that this is exactly what had happened on my 222 feedline.  It explains why I could not hear anybody on 222, so the transverter is probably OK.  The crimp connection pulled out at an N-connector junction just above the rotor and fortunately the main 50 ft feedline run was OK.  I replaced the broken jumper with a (far too long) section of one of my old rover feedlines and connected this to the 6m beam.  The 222 feedline allowed me to salvage Perseids and pickup six new grids. (Truth be told, I had worked 2 of those grids before but they were never confirmed on LOTW)

I have kept two of the dead cable runs, both used on 6m, but have already trashed 3 others over the years.  It will be interesting to see what a network analyzer reveals, although I don't have immediate access to one.

Thanks again for all the useful feedback.  Mike

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