Re: [Rover] CQ WW VHF contest -- W3DHJ/R (fwd)


I am there once and awhile. Also Mike  K9VSW is there .  Made several calls after I worked EM73 but to nq avail.

   Ed N5JEH



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Is anyone aware of activity on 2m FT8?  Presumably 144.174?


On 07/20/2018 12:42 PM, Keith Morehouse wrote:

FYI to all, concerning the CQWW VHF tomorrow.  Today (Friday) at noon, there was widespread tropo on 2M east of the continental divide and SE into W4/W5 land.  Unless there is a drastic shift in WX patterns out there, it will most likely appear tomorrow as well.


Keep an ear open for it.



Keith J Morehouse
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On Fri, Jul 20, 2018, 12:30 PM Jonesy W3DHJ via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Well, I finished building up the rover -- and Murphy has yet
to make an appearance.  "Things" seem to check out ok, and
there even was 50mcs propagation to the EM50 area and its
surrounds at 1800z.

(There are Way More new unmodulated carriers on 50mcs around my
 QTH now-a-days.  There are probably more and more WiFi routers,
 iToys using WiFi, wireless printers, wireless security cams, etc.
 The RF fog is making amateur radio less and less enjoyable.)

All operations will be close in to 38° N and 104° W.

SAT #1: DM88bb: 1800z~2030z

SAT #2: DM87bw: 2030z~2300z

SAT #3: DM77xw: 2300z~0030z

SAT #4: DM78xa: 0030z~0200+z

SUN #1: DM78xa: 1200z~1330z

SUN #2: DM77xw: 1330z~1630z

SUN #3: DM87cx: 1630z~1930z

SUN #4: DM88bb: 1900z~2100z

A wee bit more detail

<pre>  Marvin L Jones     | W3DHJ      | W3DHJ  |
        Pueblo, Colorado  |  @         | Jonesy |     __ linux FreeBSD
         38.238N 104.547W | | DM78rf | 73  SK



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