KK6MC September VHF Contest Plans

James Duffey

I will rove in the September VHF Contest this weekend. Here is my temporary schedule:

Sept 9th
Moriarty Convergence
1800Z DM64
1945Z DM75
2130Z DM74
2330Z DM65

Depending on activity, I may stay on longer or shorter.

Sept 10th
1430Z DM64nb Socorro Fairgrounds
1630Z DM63ut HWY60
1900Z DM73AQ Valley of Fires campground
2300Z Redo Moriarty convergence

Again, the schedule will depend on how much activity there is.

I will have 50MHz (100W), 144MHz(100W), 222MHz(120W), and 432MHz (50W) with 8ft Yagis on all bands. I will also have APRS. Look for KK6MC-6. My cell is (505) 228-5491. Text (preferred) or call if you wish.

In other activity, Arne, N7KA operating as W5UHF will be on Mt. Sedgwick, DM55we. That is a good location and he should be able to work much of NM, AZ and west range CO from there. Look for him on 50MHz (100W), 144MHz(100W) and 432MHz (50W) Arne will have good Yagis on all bands.

Let us know what you plan for the contest. - KK6MC

James Duffey
Cedar Crest, NM

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