Re: CQ WW VHF contest -- W3DHJ/R

Michael Daly


I hope to have twin 12 element 2 meter beams up at 60 feet for the contest and will look for you from Gallup, NM DM55pm. I must say a road map with your route would be a bit easier for me but perhaps you will be far enough away that it won't make too big difference.
Good luck in the Contest
73, Mike, n5sj

Michael Daly
1408 Linda Drive
Gallup, NM 87301-5616
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I plan on rovering in the CQ WW VHF contest -- barring temperatures over 110 or/and wild land fires in S.E. Colorado.

All operations will be close in to 38° N and 104° W.

SAT #1: DM88bb: 1800z~2030z

SAT #2: DM87bw: 2030z~2300z

SAT #3: DM77xw: 2300z~0030z

SAT #4: DM78xa: 0030z~0200+z

SUN #1: DM78xa: 1200z~1330z

SUN #2: DM77xw: 1330z~1630z

SUN #3: DM87cx: 1630z~1930z

SUN #4: DM88bb: 1900z~2100z

A wee bit more detail

<pre> Marvin L Jones | W3DHJ | W3DHJ |
Pueblo, Colorado | @ | Jonesy | __ linux FreeBSD
38.238N 104.547W | | DM78rf | 73 SK

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