Re: 6M DX report Sunday 6/4


Only one station worked here (OH3SR @16:20) Heard by 5 other OH,One LA and 2 PA. But only 1 contact. Keith seems to be in the right spot. Not many EU openings make it down here.


  Ed N5JEH


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From: Keith Morehouse
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2018 2:38 PM
Subject: [nmvhf] 6M DX report Sunday 6/4


Band was open again this morning from DM58, this time mostly high latitude path to Scandinavian countries (LA/OH/SM) with a few northern mainland Europeans thrown in (DK/PA/ON, ect).  Band was extremely variable, with stations quite strong one minute and fading out the next.  Geo-mag conditions were a bit improved over yesterday, but still slightly disturbed.  For our part of the country, EU started about 1545Z, conditions peaked around 1630Z and continued until approx 1730Z.


As of 2000Z, there is still a major EU opening going on for the east coast, with multiple paths into northern Eu and the Mediterranean areas.  Also, some transcontinental activity exists from new England to Pac NW.


There is always a good chance of an Asian opening a little later this afternoon. 


Of course, as is the norm now, all this activity was on FT8.  REMEMBER - for inter-continental traffic on FT8, USA stations should send SECOND SEQUENCE while pointed to EU/AF and FIRST SEQUENCE when attempting to work Asia.  From this part of the country, you will have to deal with very loud stations one Es hop away from you, either in the upper Great Lakes area or the Pac NW.  Out of sequence  calling will have you transmitting the same sequence as the DX, which means you will not hear the DX.  Other out of sequence stations will impact your ability to hear weak guys.  Also, keep in mind, in the USA, stations have valid reason to TX either sequence if they are not DXing - it all depends on who (or which way) they are working.  That's just how it is now that everybody decided it's cool to be on the same frequency.



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