Re: 6M DX 23 June AM


GA Keith,

Nice work on 6!

I'm getting more serious about getting on FT8 and others.  I've been through the setup three times now and cannot remember how to get it set up with the K3.  I loaded the WSJT-x package on the "new" laptop but have not gotten it setup.  All my machines with JT receive and decode FB but the transmit is another matter..... as is setting correct audio gains. Setting up digital modes is pacing any consideration of "grid peditioning". Sorry I have ignored your proposal for doing that.  I'm pretty far from having rove capability so I would say that's a dim possibility this summer.

The 23 cm amplifier arrived today and I'm busy getting a second Blade power supply set up to run it.  Also need to set up a driver amp to provide a 10w drive, bridging the transverter output of 2.5 watts and the amp's need for 10 watts.  I have 3 early DEMI 23 cm brick amps I could use but I would really like something with a "drive level" knob on it, and that I do not have.

It's been warm here.  I washed the Turbo and we took it out for dinner a couple days ago.  The road was so dry and dusty the car looked worse than before it was washed when we got home!

Bill W7QQ

On Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 1:56 PM, Keith Morehouse <w9rm@...> wrote:
..a good morning on 6.  Worked a handful of SM's, I's, SV's , a LA, LY, & SV9CVY for a new one.  Also heard S5, 9A, EA8, 5B4, CU, CT and a few others.  All this with moderately disturbed geomagnetic conditions, which usually puts a damper on high latitude sporadic-E prop (but, occasionally helps it).

Don't know what it'll be like this afternoon and evening to Asia with FD running, but one needs to be vigilant on 6M during this solstice period.  Yesterdays excellent Asian prop proved that !


Keith J Morehouse
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Calmesa Partners G.P.
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