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Floyd K5LA

Duffy I will be looking for you. You might stop on the East side of transmountain at the road side park.. That is where I worked Dick K5RHR Los Alamos on SSB 1296.1 I was pointing just at the edge of the mountain with a small directive systems yagi--the one with circles for the elements and 10 watts. On the West side I heard Steve W7CI on cw 1296.1.
Floyd K5la dm61tv.

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Having recovered from working the polls, I have been able to plan my rove:

Time in grid (UTC) Grid Time leaving (UTC)
1800 DM64OT 1915

I am starting west of Los Lunas on Hwy 6 so that I can work 902MHGz before I get to the exclusion zone. This is pretty much LOS to ABQ, so I should be able to work everyone there.
2015 DM64NA 2100

I am stopping a second time in DM64, this time at the Socorro fairgrounds, to have a better shot at the guys in the southern part of the state as well as the El Paso guys. No 902MHz from here though.

2115 DM63NX 2230

I am stopping as soon as I get to DM63 to work the guys in the north. I have not stopped at this site before, so I am not sure how it will work out. I am still in the 902MHz exclusion zone here. :^(=

2300 DM63IA 2345

I am stopping in the last grid in DM63 at the abandoned rest stop north of Caballo in case I can’t get enough guys in the southern part of the state from my first stop in DM63.

Change of date UTC 6-10-18 still the same MDT

0000Z DM62IX 0115

This is the other end of the abandoned rest stop above. Nicely located.

0200Z DM62MN 0245Z

I will not stop here if I have worked both N and S from the above stop.

0345Z DM61RV 0430Z

This is the Transmountain Road scenic overlook on the west side. Should have good shot to the west if anyone in AZ is still up. Watch my APRS.

Quit for night, overnight in El Paso.

Sunday Morning MDT

1400Z DM61RV 1500Z

I am going to start where I left off the night before to try to work the Sunday morning UHF crowd in AZ.

1600Z DM62QK 1630Z

I will make a short stop on the Organ Mountain Pass to pick up people I may have missed the first time I was there.

1745Z DM72AW 1800Z

This is the parking lot of the NM Space Museum.

1830Z DM73AA 1945Z

This is as far up Mountain Meadow Road in the La Luz foothills as I can go before the road gets bad.

2030 DM63XH 2100

Near Oscura to give those who missed DM63 the day before an opportunity.

2130 DM73AQ 2245

Valley of Fire campground/picnic area west of Carrizozo

0115 DM75BA 0230

Rest Area 208, east of Moriarity

0245 DM74BX 0300Z

Dump south of I-40. End of contest.

I will be on APRS, so you should be able to get updates when I have coverage. Times are subject to change, if things are slow, I may leave early. There isn’t much slack to add time, but I may do that if the bands get good.

I will have bands 50MHz to 1296MHz. Cell is (505) 228-5491. Text is best, but don’t necessarily expect an answer right away. Things get busy. You can call as well, but I really prefer text.

I hope that everyone has a good contest. Listen for the weak ones. - Duffey KK6MC

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM

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