WA8WGZ/R Tom's schedule of DM's 2M to 2304

Steve Hutcherson <Wb5cts@...>

  My plans are to begin contest in Dm 42, then 32, 43, 33, 34, 44 then Dm45 at meteor crater rest stop east bound (I-40), I will be there over nite running digital modes on 6 meters,,
Sunday morning, I will leave mid morning and head west on I-40 to Dm35 near Parks, AZ, then back to Dm 44, 34 33 43 ending up in DM 42 and 32 Sunday evening and will be there until the end of the contest,,
I will have 6,meters as well as 2, 222 ,432 ,1296 and 2304. 100 watts ,5 ele on 2 and 222, 17 ele on 432, 37 elements on 1296 with 35 watts and 34 elements on 2304 with 5 watts... Over night in Dm 45 I will have 100 watts and 3 elements on 6 meters,,
I will have FT8 and MSK144 but will only use them over nite,or when stopped in a grid,, I can't do it while driving!
But the rest of the bands I will be on SSB while driving, my cell if you hear me or want a sked is 419-370-8802
Cu this weekend!!! And hope to work many of you!

GL everyone this weekend !

FROM: Steve
             NMVHF # 42

73  Steve
NMVHF # 42

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