Arne N7KA

W3DHJ/r Jonesy Did not hear you this weekend. Typed the info below then noticed the 73 SK, emphasis read into SK
KC0FLQ Kyle Did hear you very weakly, took several tries to get your call. I called but no response.
AA5PR/r John Worked on 144/432 SSB from DM75. Was waiting for move to DM74 but nothing heard so I ventured off to other distractions.

Sept is a hit or miss thing, mostly miss, IMHO.
Arne N7KA

On 09/10/2022 6:59 PM Jonesy W3DHJ via <mailserver@...> wrote:

If any of you ever see me posting planned Rover activities
for the ARRL SEP VHF contest in the future, please call my wife
and tell her to let the air out of all 4 of my vehicle's tires.

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Pueblo, Colorado | @ | Jonesy | __ linux FreeBSD
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