Jonesy W3DHJ

On Sat, 10 Sep 2022, John Klem wrote:

Likely it was no better here today.  A change of plans, a very late start, and
having to wait out a thunderstorm in DM74 did not help.  I am hoping for a QSO
from my driveway Sunday, which I might actually need to qualify as a rover in
this contest.

John, AA5PR/R
It was low, heavy clouds -- all day.
It was mist and rain -- all day.
On and off fog -- all day.
Wretched propagation -- all day.

I, too, came this >< close to not classifying as a rover.

I could've written down the log in the palm of my hand.
Five QSOs on 432 -- one on 2M CW.

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