Re: 2022 Sept VHF Contest -- Activity



I plan to be on 3 bands; 50, 144 and 432. I hope to have digi running on 144 and 432 by then as well as 50MHz. Can run SSB or CW in any event. 

Socorro, DM64nb

On Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 02:31:42 PM UTC, Kyle Best, KC0LFQ via <kyledoesitbest@...> wrote:

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[Reason: Mis-typed the location of Gallinas Peak...should have been DM74, not DM76]

Looks like the Sept VHF Contest is next weekend.  Is anyone planning to be on the air?

I am considering a trip down to DM63 (Magdelena Ridge) or DM74 (Gallinas Peak) to operate remote for a few hours Saturday.  Activity may influence my time on the radio; didn't know if there were any rover plans, multi-op, etc.

I am planning to have at least 50MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz.  I have transverters for 1296, 2304, 3400, 5760, and 10368, all at 10 to 20dbm, so a very modest rover stack, and poor antennas, if other microwaves might be out and about with line-of-site I can pack along and see.


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