Re: 6 mtrs, modes



I just looked at DX Maps. There seems to be a pretty good Es opening in the midwest and lots of ops on SSB/CW. All is not lost to FT8. Still a LOT of FT8 activity as well though.

I caught a short SSB opening the other day and put 6 Qs in the log in about 5 minutes. Can't do that on FT8.

From: Bruce Draper <bruceaa5b@...>
To:; nmbrc <>
Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2018 8:38 AM
Subject: [nmvhf] 6 mtrs, modes

I'm about to put my 6 meter antennas up again, and have been wondering if FT8 is still all the rage or if the digital frenzy might have cooled off since last Summer. I got my answer when I checked DX Maps this morning. One of the attached maps shows just CW and SSB spots, the other is just digital. Wow.

      Bruce AA5B

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