Re: CQ VHF and contest rule

Jonesy W3DHJ

On Wed, 13 Jul 2022, James Duffey wrote:

Jonesy - The ABQ airport is a good club center at this point. That
should cover pretty much everyone in NM, you, the El Paso group, and
W9RM, I think. If that is not adequate, I can adjust it. - DUffey

I just did a lat/lon to lat/lon distance check using an online web page.

35.0844° N, 106.6504° W (ABQ airport)
-to -
38.0000° N, 104.0000° W (corner DM77,78,87,88)

is 249 statute miles ("rounded to the nearest unit").

So, I'm gonna (continue to) call me a /rover member of the NMVHF
Group in the CQ WW VHF. My DM77 contacts would for sure be within
250 miles. DM88 probably not, but what the hell.

(The junction of I-25 and I-40 would completely cover me.)

And, Like Keith mentioned, I'll just do it for the ARRL VHF as well.

Thanks for the replies!
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