CQ VHF and contest rule

Jonesy W3DHJ

CQ WW VHF says: "Participation is limited to club members residing
within a 250 mile radius circle from the center of club area."

Research shows "Flight distance from Albuquerque to Pueblo (Albuquerque
International Sunport – Pueblo Memorial Airport) is 253 miles."

I live 3-plus miles south of the PUB airport.
And, note: CQ WW VHF does say "residing"!
Therefore I _reside_ less than 249 miles from the ABQ airport.
However I obviously do not rover where I reside.

I'll be /ROVER around 25 miles south of the airport _AND_
about 55 miles east ( +/- 5 miles around 38°N, 104°W ) which
probably is sometimes < 250 miles and other times > 250 miles distant.

Just where has the "... center of club area" been defined by the NMVHF?

In the past I have added the NMVHF Club on my CQ WW VHF contest entries.
But, maybe I've been in error?

Curious I am:
What would a 5-Land rover do if they started at their club center in
Brownsville, Texas and rovered all the way to International Falls,

Curious minds,
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