Re: Analog only categories in June VHF Contest

Kyle Best, KC0LFQ

Possibly, but I think the people who really care about 'run rate' already know.  The folks on FT-8 don't seem to worry about what SNR means, or implies.  If you get on 6m during a sporadic-e opening, you get the same thing, SNR's of over 12, and not a soul on ssb.  And who on FT-8 turns down their power when they get a report back of -10 or better on the SNR? I know I don't even though I understand that I might be able to complete if I did. (Maybe it's insurance for completion, or maybe just apathy in twiddling knobs every contact.)  So knowing what they mean may help a few folks, but I think the serious contesters already know FT-8 is slow; the casual contesters don't care enough about maximizing rates to want to leave the FT-8 channel.  You need a critical mass of folks to go to ssb/cw before it even matters.  If you could get 200 contacts an hour, you need at least 200 people to talk to, or you drain your contact bucket in way less than an hour.


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