Re: Analog only categories in June VHF Contest

Kyle Best, KC0LFQ

I like the idea of analog only, since it would mean I don't need to bring a computer and extra solar panels/batteries up on a mountain peak with me.  That said, if there is nobody to talk to in the analog-only category, then I have no incentive to even go out.  There are long stretches out here when you have no-one to talk to without the FT-8 crowd, so cutting that group out makes me less likely to go camping in less populated grids.
I'll probably try and work out a computer solution to take out this year, simply because I want something to do once the local ssb/cw folks have been worked on 2m and 440.  I tried 6m last year analog only, and worked 0 stations in 4 hours, finally packing it in and heading home early.  I listened on the ft-8 channel, and there were tons of stations I could hear, but nobody seems to bothers with ssb on 6m anymore,so gotta move to where they are.


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